When you need solutions, here's why The Garden Writer can provide them...

Shannon Goheen has spent the majority of her life working in the landscape industry.  As a professional and highly trained web writer in both the B2B and B2C markets, she is uniquely positioned to help you connect with the customers you have and the customers you want.

Says Shannon, "I put a high value on education. As a largely self-employed person, I've had the flexibility to delve deep into my chosen fields. I also explore other disciplines and seek training and experience wherever I can.

I've found a way to combine my two strongest interests, and they represent two businesses (TheGardenWriter.com and SecondNatureGardenworks.com).   I'm addicted to writing, and that has been a joy to me ever since I learned to write words. I'm absolutely fascinated with plants. Always have been. I weave tapestries with plants in the landscape. I'm an artist, whether I'm writing or doing landscape design. Also, I am currently weaving tapestries with plants (that get framed for display). My whole life is infused with art, plants and writing.

I've never been one who has been able to follow a single path, choose one direction or stay in one discipline. It's actually impossible for me. I've tried. And I've given up...willingly.

My life choices and continued interest in learning help me to help you. And that's what it's all about, I think...each of us making each other better. "

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From her early 4H training in public speaking and performance and her start as a professional, self-employed gardener at 13, Shannon admits that she’s attracted to challenges.

Immediately following her graduation with honors from Connecticut College, double-majoring in Botany and Anthropology¸ she took a job as outreach coordinator for a women’s shelter in Caribou, ME. She appeared on television and radio to help educate at-risk women and wrote marketing correspondence. Her work resulted in the creation of a satellite shelter office in Houlton, ME.

Shannon settled on Cape Cod and started a gardening/landscape design business in the mid-80’s. After a few rough years of self-taught sales techniques, Shannon established herself in a niche, sold nearly every job she pitched, and eventually received all her work by word-of-mouth. She also collaborated with landscapers and became adept at making use of shared strengths to benefit the client. Her ability to stay several steps ahead of hired crews resulted in efficient installation projects with little wasted time and materials.

While Shannon managed her seasonal gardening business during the first 22 years, she was able to explore other interests. A favorite was a two-year assignment as a long-form radio news commentator for WOMR-Provincetown. The grant-funded Environmental Round-Table Series enabled her to create 9 long-form news pieces. Each involved selection of an environmental issue, interviews with experts, distillation of hours of interviews into one taut eight-minute piece and recording the voice-over. She received praise for her ability to simplify complex issues and accurately present them within the framework of entertaining and instructive stories that bore close resemblance, she later realized, to case studies.

Meanwhile, Shannon completed the landscape design certificate program from The Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study at Harvard University. She was also regularly published by area magazines, newspapers and even Random House with articles and interviews.

She worked as an advocate of the ancient cemeteries in the Town of Dennis, placing the largest on the National Register of Historic Places through an extensive application process. Related grant-writing activities resulted in over $20,000 to fund a consulting firm to recommend cemetery improvements.

Shannon consulted to the Town of Falmouth for their Falmouth Friendly Lawn project. She wrote publicity, set up a local display and mapped a suggested course of action for short and long-term marketing. She designed, coordinated and publicized a well-attended workshop for landscape professionals. And finally, she edited copy for a brochure on the subject, selected the graphic professional and provided oversight, design illustrations and photographs for the full-color piece.

Six years later, Shannon found American Writers and Artists, Inc. (AWAI) where she learned the nuances of writing persuasively. She continues to study AWAI’s, affiliates’ and related professional’s programs and attends conferences to keep abreast of current happenings and professional practices.

When Shannon isn’t writing or studying, she has a varied palette of interests that include weaving with plants, performance arts and outdoor activities.

And if you read this far, you have a fairly good understanding of Shannon's diversified skill-set.  If you are still looking for more, check her out on LinkedIn.  Believe it or not, there's more there!