In case you were wondering...

Why should I choose you to write for my business?

If you are a green/landscape industry professional, we speak the same language.

I've honed my knowledge, spent enormous amounts of money and time on my training and spend much of my work and social time with your prospects.

In New England, in the warm months, these folks are busy.  Really busy.  They can't be swayed by writing that isn't clear, credible, engaging and informative and with a call to action.  They won't take the time to read boring copy and if they don't read it, they certainly won't buy whatever you are selling.

The same rule holds true for any prospect, anywhere, in any industry.

Copy needs to be clear, credible, engaging, informative and with a call to action.

Regardless of your industry, that's the goal and that's what I'll write for you.

What are your qualifications?

I write for both for-profit and non-profit organizations (see samples), am a professional speaker, and consistently study my field.  Regarding my specific writing qualifications, I have studied since 2008 with American Writers and Artists Inc (AWAI), and recently earned the designation of Web Copy Specialist.  I have also studied with Steve Slaunwhite (B2B Copywriting specialist), Chris Marlow (copywriter and copy coach) and Casey Hibbard (founder and president of Compelling Cases Inc.), to name a few.

Do you have experience in my field?

If you are in the landscape industry, the answer is clearly "yes!"

Otherwise, I may or may not have prior knowledge of your specific field. It is my job to learn enough about your industry, and then your product or service, to deliver the right message to your prospects with copy that is clear, credible, engaging, informative and with a call to action.

How do you start a project?

I start every project with a creative brief.  This is the basis of the work we will do together.  It ensures that we are working from the same set of assumptions and that we have an agreed-upon and shared goal.

I can complete it with you or you can complete it and return it to me.  This is an essential first step that will limit revisions and any potential misunderstandings.  For the complete process, see here.

What kinds of projects do you do best?

I prefer short copy.  That's one of the reasons I enjoy web copy.  Editing is fun, too.  I have to say that interviewing people has always been interesting, and interviews can become case studies and customer stories, fundraising letters, press releases and so on.  Press releases, by the way, are a regular item that every business should be using in their marketing process.

What if I need other writing or design projects that you haven’t mentioned?

I am interested in many types of writing jobs that I haven't presented here to save you having to slog through too many words to find the ones that matter to you!  Keep in mind that I work with other writers and designers as needed so please feel free to discuss your ideas with me.

How long will it take for you to complete my project?

That depends on the nature of your project.  Let's say you want a customer success story.  We start with the creative brief, background study, selection of the customer(s) to be interviewed, interview, submission, revision, customer sign-off and final copy.

The more people involved in each step, the longer the process takes.  I can plan all of the steps according to an agreed-upon timetable (but I can’t control the time-table of others involved).

If the project is between you and me, we'll set up an agreed-upon deadline so you get it when you need it.

Does it matter that we are in different states/different countries?

Not at all!

What do your services cost?

After our initial discussion (or two) during which, with my guidance,  you will lay out the parameters of the services you seek, I will quote the work.  I have a price sheet that offers price ranges for various projects that I can send to you at your request.

Do you require money up front?

Our initial discussion or email discussion is free.  Once we have a handle on what the first step will be, I can quote you a tentative fee for the project.  You will complete the creative brief and then I can give you a definitive quote (the creative brief involves effort!  If we do that together, I'll quote you a flat fee for the time we'll spend doing it. And by the way, completing that creative brief is going to help you focus on what your business needs now).  You'll respond in writing to that quote and give me 50% of the project total.   The final payment is due when the work is delivered to you in its final form.

Will you work with multiple team members?

Yes. I will be more than happy to be a part of the team that helps you showcase your company.

How do I reach you to start a project?

You may reach me by emailing me at or by calling 508-394-7974 during the week from 8-5 PM eastern.  Chances are you'll be leaving a message so if you are in a hurry, do both! I will return your call by the end of the following business day.