What would it be like to work with me?

The Simple Steps to Project Completion

  • My preferred method of initial contact is via email at shannon@thegardenwriter.com.  If you prefer the telephone, you can call me at 508-394-7974.  This phone number will likely require you to leave a message that I will return in short order.  You can also use the contact form on this website.
  • We’ll talk and exchange information, a process that could take up to a half hour or more. From there, we’ll decide if an in-depth questionnaire/creative brief is the appropriate next step.  If we move to the questionnaire/creative brief, I'll send it to you to fill out and return.  If you need me to do it with you, I'll quote you a flat rate.
  • This questionnaire/creative brief is designed to focus you and inform me as to your areas of strength and weakness, and thus, how I can best help you.
  • We may be looking at the project that you were considering when you contacted me, or a series of projects, depending on how our discussion evolves after you complete the creative brief. We'll agree on the parameters of the project, including what you expect of me, what I expect of you, and when you need it.  At that point, I'll be able to quote the project for you.  Once you agree to the quote in writing (email works) and send me a 50% deposit, I'll delve into your project.
  • Any research that I need to do will be figured into my quote.  I may also need to talk to you or others from your organization to get the information I need to write you the dynamic copy you expect.  I may need to speak to people more than once as various issues occur during the research/writing process.
  • I expect that you will want to review my draft/drafts during the process so that any revisions can be addressed in a timely manner.  As to when you receive the draft to review depends on the time-frame we have worked out together initially.  I rely on your input to make sure that the information is correct, the "voice" is comfortable to you, and so on.  It's vital for both of us that we get it right.  This part of the process can't help but be a give and take.
  • One important note: we don't want a situation where we've been working, back and forth, to create the ideal piece and then have someone come in at the final hour who hasn't been involved, who then says it won't work.  Please note...all the decision-makers need to be on board when we start the project... or the process is likely to be frustrating for both of us.
  • Once we have agreement on the final form, I will expect the final 50% of the project, payable upon receipt of the invoice.
  • We'll have a final wrap-up of the project, and review any others that you might consider.